Kathryn Rosenbach - Pianist, Teacher, Composer


Lesson length

Beginning students, especially if in second grade or younger, usually start with a 30-minute lesson. As children become more advanced, they will need 45 minutes. Some children are particularly enthusiastic about the piano and would benefit from a 60-minute lesson, even at an early age. This extra time allows for additional repertoire as well as ear training, sight-reading and music theory. Most adult students benefit the most with a 60 minute lesson, beginner or otherwise.


Fees are paid monthly, and are expected to be paid at the first lesson of each month. For example, if there are 5 Mondays within the month, payment of 5 lessons is expected on the first lesson day of the month.


It is anticipated that students will have to miss because of illness. Because of the difficulty of rearranging my schedule within a given week, private lessons will be rescheduled within the month of the absence and will be made up at a mutually agreed upon time.